Famous Hotels in Dubai

Famous hotels in Dubai

Dubai is a gorgeous destination that is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers around the world. If you are going to Dubai and looking for an amazing place to stay, here are some of the best hotels worth considering.

Armani Hotel

This luxurious hotel is named after the famous fashion designer because it was actually designed by the man himself! It has a chic and minimalist style to it but with absolutely beautiful decor. Some added extras which earn the hotel a spot on this list includes the fact that it has a gorgeous terrace, a spa and a swimming pool shaped like an arrow.

Burj Al Arab

This is the most expensive hotel to stay in throughout all of Dubai but if money is no object, it is the best one to consider. The appearance alone will catch your attention right away because it has been designed to look like a giant sail. Burj Al Arab is actually built on a little island, connected to the land. Just to show how luxurious this hotel is, the stairways are made from marble and real gold. Want to view the entire beautiful scenery? Well, you can because all the beds are built on a 360-degree moving platform. Being in this hotel is a once in a lifetime experience and one that will make you feel like a VIP celebrity.

The Ritz-Carlton

Smack bang in the center of the artistic side of Dubai, this hotel is beautiful and actually has a number of different inspirations in terms of the architecture. The hotel has friendly but professional staff, great service, and delicious food. With chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and gorgeous rooms that you are not going to want to leave for the duration of your stay. The Ritz Carlton is a really popular hotel.