Amazing Asian Hotels

Amazing Asian Hotels

Make your time in Asia as good as it can possibly be! You can do this by booking a room in one of the following hotels, all of which have earned a place on this list of some of the most amazing ones in Asia.

Chhatra Sagar, India

This is actually more like a tented campsite than a hotel but it’s absolutely beautiful and is located above a lake. It’s a peaceful retreat with the most amazing views of Rajasthan. There is no doubt that the tents will give you a new experience but they are truly built for royalty with king size beds, walk-in showers and more. Experience the culture and check out what Chhatra Sagar has to offer.

Amilla Fushi, Maldives

This is a modern hotel that will give you the lost in paradise style getaway that you have always wanted. This place is designed beautifully, it has a top of the end spa, exquisite dining and many more features that can be taken full advantage of. The white architecture and glam pool make it an ideal spot for young couples but also those with families because there is a range of activities offered at and around the hotel.

Phum Baitang, Indonesia

Situated just outside Siam Reap, this resort is absolutely amazing with so much to experience. The hotel itself is beautiful with amazing rooms and top of the range service. In addition to this, however, there is also an infinity pool, two restaurants, two bars, a spa and a boutique.

Keemala, Thailand

This is an absolutely stunning retreat that is actually not even going to feel real! The rooms in the “hotel” are actually mushroom-shaped huts dangling from the trees. They are absolutely beautiful and Keemala is made complete with a swimming pool and a restaurant on the rooftops.